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  • Reading the AWESOME way!
  • 1-on-1 personalized teaching
  • Improve reading, writing and communication skills
  • Build vocabulary
  • Speak with more confidence
10-class program
1-on-1 classes
5 - 10 year olds
50 min per class
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$160 total. Sign up with a friend & get 15% OFF.
100% guaranteed! Get a full refund before the start of the 2nd class if you’re not satisfied.

Foster a love for reading 

At 1on1Reading we believe reading should be an entry point for children to foster love for stories and to better express themselves. And what better way than to make it as fun as possible!
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 "She feels much more CONFIDENT in reading and expressing herself!"

 "At first she didn't like to read short stories before bed, she found it boring. But now she's so excited for it and she even reads with me. The Child Success Specialist at 1on1Reading was great at spotting the areas my little Mary had trouble in and handcrafted the reading program just right for her level & aligned to her school curriculum, but her teacher even goes one step further and personalizes the classes to my daughter's favorite cartoon character, movies and games!

Ruby D, Mom to 7 year old May

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 Teachers Bring 
the Content


Our teachers work with our designers to create interactive reading activities that are both engaging and educational! 
Rest assured that your child being taught in a fun, safe, nurturing environment by experienced teachers who love teaching, and truly endeavour to teach children to love learning. 
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Game Designers Make It Fun 

Our game designers add interactivity and incentives while creating a world in which Reading is so enticing. Earn gems, unlock chests and collect hero characters while learning how to read, improving grammar and expanding  
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 "My kid loves to read more than I do now!"

"We just immigrated to Canada and Emilia wasn't really used to speaking and reading in English. My fault really for not incorporating it in our daily lives. So that's when we decided to have her try this reading program. And when we started, Emilia was struggling to read even the most basic words but now she sometimes corrects my pronunciation! 

Chen T, Dad to 7 year old Emilia

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 Jumpstart Your Child's Learning Beyond The Classroom

Among Our Customers Surveyed:


reported their child learned a vast array of new words and continue to use them daily.

Expanded vocabulary


reported a significant increase in English test scores.

Higher English Grades


reported an improvement in communicating and expression.

Confidence Booster
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 What Parents Are Saying



"I just love how his teacher customizes the class to his unique interests. He absolutely loves it!" 

- Adriana B, Mom to 7 year old Lucas

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Mom to a 9 yr old
Mexico City, Mexico

"I haven't seen a program so personalized for my little boy! He's learning new words everyday and having fun while doing it.

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Mom to an 8 yr old
New Delhi, India

"Everyday my daughter talks about the fun activities and the new words she's encountered!

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Mom to a 7 yr old
Osaka, Japan

"I was looking for a way for her to be occupied while being educational since I work from home. I cannot thank 1on1Reading enough for continuing to fulfill her educational needs during this pandemic.

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Dad to a 6 yr old
Sao Paolo, Brazil

"I like how this program gives a totally different kind of screen time. A healthy one . He's able to learn while having fun with her teacher. I could hear him reading out loud and even giggling from time to time! I ask him what he's learned and he tells me about a new story he's read with his teacher and the new words he's learned. Despite the difficulties of the pandemic we managed to not stifle his growth. 

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Dad to a 7 yr old
Hillsborough, CA

"I don't have to worry about rescheduling because the teachers are very understanding and flexible with their timings.

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Mom to a 9 yr old
Mumbai, India

"He's usually very shy with strangers but just recently I can hear him even singing with his teacher! 

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Mom to a 9 yr old
Manitoba, Canada

"The teachers are always jolly and friendly. They make my daughter comfortable and more confident in expressing herself!"

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Dad to a 10 yr old
Buenos Aires, Argentina

"I didn't want to stray too far from their curriculum in school so after I discussed it with your team, I was provided a Progress Path personally handcrafted for him. The amount of personalization that goes into the sessions just amazes me! I hear them talk about his favorite super hero and even hearing him do these role plays where they read dialogues just like in a play. I can see his pronunciation improving more each day!

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Mom to a 7 & 8 yr old
Cebu, Philippines

"His grades in his English subjects were dropping and I had to intervene. My friend suggested 1on1Reading and I can't believe I haven't done it sooner. I can tell he really loves it as he eagerly waits for his teacher to come online during every session. I also noticed that he's been reading more books on his own. I'm so glad I found 1on1Reading.

Mom to an 8 yr old
Atherton, CA

"What I really like about 1on1Reading is that the coaches seem to really care and are really passionate in teaching. They take their time with him and makes sure he fully grasps the topic before moving on. They always send me feedbacks after every lesson so that I'm updated with his progress. Really recommend this program. 

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Mom to a 6 yr old
San Francisco, CA

"We moved him to an English speaking school and she's found it hard to adjust. Fast forward to 2 Months into the program and now he's able to hold conversations with his classmates. He has told me that he's making a lot of friends. Thank you 1on1Reading!"

P3 Parent 11  Brazilian Family_edited.jpg
Dad to an 8 yr old
Sao Paolo, Brazil

"She's been having too much screen time. As an author myself I wanted her to foster a love for reading & literature. And 1on1Reading seems to accomplish just that! After 6 months into the program she's been telling me to buy her more and more novels because she's been finishing them so quickly."

P3 Parent 12
Mom to a 10 yr old
New Delhi, India

"I've tried other ESL services but they don't match 1on1Reading. You guys go beyond than just teaching. You helped my daughter gain more confidence in expressing herself. She has no problem speaking up in class now and is even running for class president!

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