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Empowering Kids Develop the Love

for Learning Math


An online 1-on-1 math program incorporated with challenges, stories, and games to create a friendly space for your kids to learn math.

Monitor and get involved through:

  • Daily class recordings

  • After class feedback from your kid's Coach

  • 1-on-1 consultation and assessment with 1on1Math's Child Success Specialist

What happens when you and your kid joins the 1on1Math community?


Your kid will show significant increase in math test scores as reported by 92% of the parents in the 1on1Math community.


Your kid will improve their love for learning, not just in math but in other subjects as well as 75% of parents in the 1onMath community reported.

Self Esteem Boost

Your kid will increase their confidence and self esteem in answering math problems as reported by 82% of the parents in the 1on1Math community.

Your kid gets access to fun and interactive private tutoring classes with a specially-trained math teacher

Free Access to Top Educational Math Games

During his or her free time, your kid has access to the best premium math games that they can practice on their own. 1on1Math approved! 

Child Success Specialist

We plan your kid's learning path with you. You will be given a dedicated academic advisor supporting you and  your kid's progress.


Find out why kids and parents love 1on1Math


"Individual attention"

With the individual 1-on-1 attention, Michael has been able to progress much faster in math than most other kids. Unlike at school, her math coach is really able to personalise the pace  specifically for her, and this has made all the difference.

– Craig A.

Dad to 8 year old Michael

San Francisco, SF

"Really affordable"

Math is so fundamental to our children's future that we knew we wanted to give our son an early advantage. However we were finding that we didn't have the time to sit with him on math. This turned out to be a really affordable solution for us.

– Sathya S.

Dad to 6 year old Kuv

London, UK


"The kid's love it"

The math coaches are so kind and patient, and REALLY great at teaching math in a super fun way. Our 4 and 5 year old boys love it when it's "math-time"! 

– Kate B.

Mom to 4 & 5 year old Danny & Tom

Brooklyn, NY


What students get in the 1on1Math tutorials (2).png

Build a Solid Foundation

Math is cumulative - Each new skill builds upon previously built skills.

That's why all our students start at the very beginning as we do an assessment of all their foundational skills.

We use Khan Academy to remediate & fill in foundational gaps. And we teach the foundational concepts to mastery.

Individual Instruction

Quite simply, the most effective way for a child to advance ahead of his grade level is through 1-on-1 coaching.

Our trained math coaches customise the pace and level of learning for your child and really care for them and their progress.


We begin the study at a level where your child can easily get perfect scores and build up their confidence. 


As they progress so does the academic level go up together with their sense of accomplishment. 

Rubik's Cube

Gamified Learning

The best learning is fun learning.

Our secret sauce is how we keep your child challenged, motivated and excited as their math ability reaches new heights.

There are missions to accomplish, bosses to beat and rewards to be achieved as they level-up. We use award-winning games like Matific to make learning fun & engaging.


With points, badges and fun characters, your child will feel like math-time is actually play-time with their math coach.

Building your kid's academics start today


Take advantage of our Black Friday packages and see your kids progress

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